Ordinance 663 – Amending ordinance 313 and ordinance 535, adding a provision prohibiting tobacco use of any kind on any property…

Ordinance 664 – An ordinance creating the Blairsville Community Development Authority

Ordinance 665 – Amending Ordinance 664 creating the Blairsville Community Development Authority

Ordinance 666 – An ordinance fixing the term of the existence of the Blairsville Municipal Authority to end on September 1, 2059

Ordinance 667 – An ordinance renaming a portion of Holland Drive situate between Point Street and Sunset Avenue to Point Street.

Ordinance 668 – An ordinance amending ordinance No. 665 creating the Blairsville Community Development Authority

Ordinance 669 – A ordinance relative to the establishment police pension fund and to amend certain provisions

Ordinance 670 – Amending Ordinance 517 prohibiting the operation of vehicles or tractors or trailers or any combination having a classification of 7 or above streets except…

Ordinance 671 – Amending ordinance 613 Section 1001, riding and parking pedalcycles on sidewalks

Ordinance 672 – An ordinance increasing the indebtedness by the issue of a general obligation note in the amount of $275,000.00

Ordinance 673 – Relative to the establishment and maintenance of employees pension, annuity insurance and benefit fund or funds, to amend certain provisions of the pension…

Ordinance 674 – Regulating excessive and amplified noise

Ordinance 675 – Amending ordinance 651 to define the purpose of low density residential, medium density residential and transitional zone districts

Ordinance 676 – Regulating nuisance properties

Ordinance 677 – Requiring all persons, partnerships, businesses, and corporations to obtain a permit for any construction or development; providing for the issuance of…

Ordinance 678 – repealing ordinance 635 and relating the rules for a Shad Tree Commission

Ordinance 679 – Regulating outside burning setting time limits, type of material to be burned and conditions under which burning may be permitted

Ordinance 680 – An ordinance amending ordinance 668 section 7 & 8 relating to the Blairsville Community Development Authority

Ordinance 681 – An ordinance establishing the tax rate for year 2013

Ordinance 682 – An ordinance amending certain traffic and parking regulations

Ordinance 683 – An ordinance establishing the tax rate for the year 2014

Ordinance 684 – An ordinance establishing the tax rate for the year 2015

Ordinance 685 – Regulating Motor Vehicles

Ordinance 686 – An ordinance regulating the time that trash and refuse containers may be placed along a sidewalk, curb, street, alley, or public right-of-way and providing for…

Ordinance 687 – An ordinance requiring the acquisition of a Property Maintenance-Zoning Permit and the rules governing these permits

Ordinance 688 – An ordinance relating to the levy for the support of a free, public, non-sectarian library and establishing those rates based on current re-assessed values established…

Ordinance 689 – Establishing the tax rate for the year 2016

Ordinance 690 – Amending ordinance 682 parts 6 and 7 related to off-street metered and unmetered parking Section 705 Parking on a Rental Basis Only

Ordinance 691 – Establishing the tax rate for the year 2017

Ordinance 692 – Repealing Ordinance Number 609

Ordinance 693 – Establishing the tax rate for the year 2018

Ordinance 694 – Establishing the tax rate for the year 2019 at 4.410 mills

Ordinance 695 – Amending Ordinance 313 and Ordinance 535 adding a provision prohibiting the use of E-Cigarettes of any kind on any Borough of Blairsville…

Ordinance 696 – Amending Ordinance 647 requiring certain specifications for site restoration following the demolition of a structure

Ordinance 697 – Amending Ordinance 679 Section 3 regulating outside burning

Ordinance 698 – Special Events Permits

Ordinance 699 – Appointment of Planning Commission Members

Ordinance 700 – concerning the appointment of Codes Appeal Board Members

Annual Budgets

2020 Annual Budget

2019 Annual Budget

2018 Annual Budget

2017 Annual Budget

2016 Annual Budget

2015 Annual Budget

2014 Annual Budget

2013 Annual Budget

2012 Annual Budget

Borough of Blairsville Council Minutes

2012 Borough Council Minutes
2013 Borough Council Minutes
2014 Borough Council Minutes
2015 Borough Council Minutes
2016 Borough Council Minutes
2017 Borough Council Minutes
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2019 Borough Council Minutes
2020 Borough Council Minutes


Mike BakerBorough Manager
Mike BakerRight to Know Officer
Patrick DoughertyBorough Solicitor
Johnathan Santoro
Tax Collector
Animal Control Officer
Remington, Vernick and Beach
Blairsville Municipal Authority
Michael Witherel

Elected Officials

1st Ward
David Janusek, President Pro Temp
Kaitlyn Sagely

2nd Ward
Albert Dettorre, Vice President
Robert Startari

3rd Ward
John Bertolino, President
Jeffrey Marshall

Ronald Evanko, CBO

Boards and Commissions

Planning Commission

Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6pm at the borough building
Jerry Seitz
Irv Lindsey
Paul Schwartz

Civil Service Commission

Meets as needed
Irv Lindsey
Ab Dettore
Wendy Wasko


Codes Appeal Board

Meets as needed
James Durrant
Denise Dunmire


Zoning Hearing Board

Meets as needed
Denise Dunmire


Shade Tree Commission

Meets 2nd Monday of each month at 5pm at 10 Johnson Avenue
Ray Culp
Jon Herby
Constance Ottie
Polly Ringler
Wendy Wasko


Parking Authority

Meets the 1st Monday of each month at 4pm at the borough building
Peggy Dills
DeWayne Dills
Joe Caugherty

Community Dev. Authority

Blairsville Community Development Authority
130 West Market Street
Blairsville, PA 15717

Heidi Sulkosky, Office Manager

Board Members:
Linda Gwinn
Jon Herby
Jennifer Nadzadi
Daniel Kelley
Dave Janusek

Phone: 724-459-8588

Parks and Recreation

101 East North Lane
Blairsville, PA 15717
Phone: 724-459-6790

Meets 2nd Wednesday of each Month at 6pm at the community center
Brock Harsh, Director
Erica Ash
Connie Constantino
Pat Emanuel
Bill Lenhardt
BJ Shaw

Act 13

PSAB Act 13